Friday, October 26, 2007

Ladang Orchid Mariam

Ubah tajuk sket.. Asyik sembang pasal spesi orkid jer. As if pandai snagat pasal orkid. Pahal, HAMPEH! This post shows all the photos yang sempat dirakmakan masa melawat kebun orkid "Kak Yam" (Mariam).

Mariam bought this orchid farm from a chinese lady who wish to stop taking care of it since she's getting old & got nobody to help her at the farm anymore. Ok lah jugak biz ni.. Masa gambar nih diambil.. kira Kak Yam baru onvolve with this orchid biz jer..........

Hubby trying to be creative with his new SLR.

My two naughty boys at the farm. Masa tu dah almost Maghrib, dah siap mandi. That' is why they are with their pyjamas.. Yang kat belakang tu, my second kid - Haikal (4years) & the one wearing shirt #6 is my youngest - Amri (2 years), paling nakal.
My eldest daughter, Aliah (7 years) tak ikut, belum balik mengaji lagi.
Remember I told Mariam sells bigger size Thai Airways Orchid? Ni lah rupanya..........
Other orchids species at Mariam's farm

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