Friday, October 26, 2007

Dendrobium Thai Airways?

Ha..Ha... I don't really knows the exact name for this dendrobium. Just that my friend, Mariams was referring it to Thai Airways orchid.

Ohhhhh MAriam has an orchid farm, she sells the flowers (not plants). She sells this type of orchids too... but bigger size.I do know that she has also expand her biz selling orchids plant. Dia buat satu big pergola for the orchids besides her house. Macam2 jenis pun ada. Price range tak pastilah .............

Kalau gambar paling atas sekali tu, yang nampak special sket tu... hubby ler yg tolong snap... Gambar2 lain yang tak berapa canggih tu.... paham-paham jerlah... sapa photograpjer nyer... apa jenis kameranya... ha..ha..

Gambar selepas hujan

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