Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Knock! Knock!

Pergh!!! What a nap... Long, very-very long nap! How fast time flies that you don't even realize it has been more than a year ...

Got few comments from my siblings...
My brother said : "Hish, Blog Orkid dah jadi blog cendawan @ kulat"
My sis said : "huk..huk... banyak nyer habuk ngan sawang"
Eventually, sorry to all followers.. Not that I have no more interest in blogging or orchids.. tak sempat da.. quite a number of events took place .. travellah.. delivery & confinement etc..

Oh! Yes! I am still collecting orchids. That hobby never dies.. I do have more collections by now.. InsyaAllah, will continue to find times for updates...

Sebagai welcome back post... I would like to share some photos took by my hubby using his SLR.. since I need to do orkid photo's relabelling dulu... Enjoy!

Not so sure what plant this is............

Big tree at Penang Botanical Garden... Looks nice, just take a shot!

One of my favorite pic.. Guest, bunga apa ni.. Bunga Raya da... (hibiscus!)

Don't know what plant is this.. But ramai gak yang gantung depan rumah..


  1. Finally.....updated jugak....he..he..he...rindu nak tengok koleksi Kak Yong.

  2. Aaakhirnyaa....!!! (nyanyi cam anita sarawak..kekeke..)

    bravo! cantiknye bunga2 kat blog laili ni.. seronok tengok..

    upload le lagi gambo bnyk2 yek.. seronok wy nak cuci mata..