Friday, November 9, 2007


Phew!! What a busy week !!! Just happen that I got to entertain my biz partner from US this week. Really tight up, tak sempat nak meng"update" blog.
Lets talk about my oncidium collections today. Still remember my 1st posting? I did share pasal dancing ladies. Well this is from oncidium species. I do have few other different oncidiums in my collection (ewah... sembang omputih lak reni)

Not very sure what type of oncidium this is... but it sure is pretty.... Pernah nampak spesis yang sama kat Pesta Orkid Penang tempoh hari, but then the size lebih kurang twice of what I have. Amazing!!!!

This is "Oncidium Lim Kok Wing". The blend of colours ie very fascinating....


  1. cantik betul collection kak yong ni.. so far alycia ada 4 aje collection oncidium.. 3 color kuning & 1 merah...

  2. Ocidium yang paling atas tu namanya oncidium sherry baby. Yang di bawah tu bukan Oncidium Lim Kok Wing, saya akan cari dan postkan nama yang sebenar.

  3. Oncidium yang atas tu namanya Ocidium Sherry Baby (brown form) ada juga yang berwarna merah.